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HSBA E-Newsletter February 15, 2014

The Attorneys and Judges Assistance Program helps lawyers who may be suffering from burnout, depression, or substance abuse as a result of the high stress nature of their career. Stress management is key to avoiding disciplinary action, ethical violations, and other consequences of not being able to balance work or other career concerns. Through confidential assistance we offer lawyers and judges the help they need to maintain a healthy work/life balance for themselves. If you are suffering burnout, depression, or high levels of stress in your career please call us today for a confidential consultation about your needs.

Executive Director, Liam Deeley came on board on July 1, 2014. Raised in Kailua, Liam relocated to Hawai’i from Batavia, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Liam has a Juris Doctorate from Northern Illinois University. As a certified assessment and referral specialist in Northern Illinois, Liam worked for Treatment Alternatives for Safer Communities. Liam’s work involved responding to court orders to conduct drug and alcohol assessments on defendants charged with non-violent felonies to determine whether there is a substance abuse issue. His job duties required him to determine the modality of treatment necessary for the defendants.

The Hawai’i bar is very fortunate to have Liam back home and working to bring awareness to the legal community of the services provided by the Attorneys and Judges Assistance Program. Please feel free to call on Liam Deeley to discuss AAP and any questions you may have. His contact information is: 531-2880 Director@hawaiiaap.com.